Environmental problems of agricultural land use in the north caucasus federal district of russia

Roy Shirocov Статьи


  • Авторы:Volkov S.N., Klyushin P.V., Shopovalov D.A., Shirokova V.A., Savinova S.V.
  • Журнал:GeoConference SGEM
  • Том:17
  • Номер:32
  • Год издания:2017
  • Первая страница:209
  • Последняя страница:216
  • DOI:10.5593/sgem2017/32/S13.028
  • Аннотация:The article presents the material, both on theoretical and practical issues of rational use of agricultural land in the North Caucasus Federal District (NCFD), as well as an analysis of the main reasons that led to their degradation. Assess ongoing processes on agricultural lands with their heavy use. An important feature of the NCFD district is the high proportion of rural population (49.7%) is the highest in the Russian Federation. Revealed major shortcomings in the organization and use of land resources, which led to a wide manifestation of degradation processes over large areas. Based on our studies, and taking into account large experience, both at home and abroad, a complex restoration of degraded soils and the effective use of farmland is proposed. Obtained during the research materials and recommendations can be used in the organization agricultural lands and further planning and development of environmental conservation and improvement of agricultural land.