The Solutions of the Agricultural Land Use Monitoring Problems

Roy ShirocovСтатьи


  • Авторы:Vershinin Valentin V., Murasheva Alla A., Shirokova Vera A., Khutorova Alla O., Shapovalov Dmitriy A., Tarbaev Vladimir A.
  • Журнал:International Journal of Environmental and Science Education (IJESE)
  • Том:11
  • Номер:12
  • Год издания:2016
  • Первая страница:5058
  • Последняя страница:5069
  • Аннотация:Modern landscape – it’s a holistic system of interconnected and interacting components. To questions of primary importance belongs evaluation of stability of modern landscape (including agrarian) and it’s optimization. As a main complex characteristic and landscape inhomogeneity in a process of agricultural usage serves materials of quantitative and qualitative analysis of agro ecosystems. For this ones use different methods of remote sondage of soils, analysis of soil for agricultural purpose, GIS-technology and other. Usage of modern technologies for space imagery will allow to actualize information of agricultural lands monitoring and effectively solve arising tasks. Article is devoted to definition of indicators of lands condition of agricultural purpose. Accomplished analiys of methodical approaches to analysis of agricultural lands condition, that allows to determine the most prospective ways of usage, gives propositions about application of modern technologies. It is proposed to create a centralized governmental informational resources about lands of agricultural purpose and about these lands as a part of lands of other categories.
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